Do you use any fragrances in your products?

Absolutely not! We don't have any synthetic fragrances, natural fragrances, masking fragrances, natural extracts or botanical extracts. We know many brands secretly sneak fragrances into their products via "Unscented" labeling, but we were built for people looking to avoid irritating fragrances in their shower products. The only smell our products have is the natural scent of safe ingredients.

Are your products gentle on skin?

Yes! Our products are Dermatologist Tested to be gentle on all skin types. Our formulations were shown to be non-irritating in clinical tests, and we are Doctor Approved and Doctor Recommended. 

Do you have any harmful toxins in your formulations?

As we proudly display on our label, our products have no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, no formaldehyde, no proteins, no lanolin, no silicones, and no betaine.

Is there gluten or nuts in your products?

Nope! For those seeking to avoid these food allergies being absorbed into your skin, we are free of both.  

Are your products safe for the entire family?

Definitely! Our gentle formulations work great for adults and kids, especially those that experience irritation from fragrances in their personal care products.