Welcome to the Family!

If you are reading this it’s probably because you are frustrated with the allergy-free personal care options available today. We get you. We are you. Collectively, the team at Boldly Basic is allergic to just about everything: trees, grasses, dogs, cats, lanolin, betaine, gluten, nuts, and the biggest nuisance of all in personal care… fragrance!

Our team has spent decades working on some of the biggest and best personal care brands on the planet, but we never found products that worked for us. Sensitive Skin products still had mild fragrances and “Unscented” products secretly snuck in masking fragrances or botanical extracts that are still allergens.

Our frustration led to us deciding to create what we couldn’t find: a fragrance-free and toxin-free brand that we could take pride in and recommend to our friends and family. Enter Boldly Basic.

We appreciate you stopping by to learn more about us, and we hope this is the start of a very long and irritation-free friendship.